bird-baited traps for surveillance of west nile mosquito vectors: effect of bird species, trap height, and mosquito escape mosquitoes were sampled in bird-baited traps at four sites in new york state in 2003-2004. trap placement and efficacy of chickens, gallus gallus domesticus l., as bait compared with house sparrows, passer domesticus l., an important reservoir of west nile virus (family flaviviridae, genus flavivirus, wnv), was evaluated. each site had a chicken-baited trap near ground level (approximately 1.5 m) and in the tree canopy (approximately 9 m), and a house sparrow-baited trap at ground l ...200616506452
plasmodium relictum (lineages psgs1 and pgrw11): complete synchronous sporogony in mosquitoes culex pipiens pipiens.plasmodium relictum is a widespread invasive agent of avian malaria, responsible for acute, chronic and debilitating diseases in many species of birds. recent pcr-based studies revealed astonishing genetic diversity of avian malaria parasites (genus plasmodium), with numerous genetic lineages deposited in genbank. many studies addressed distribution and evolutionary relationships of avian plasmodium lineages, but information about patterns of development of different lineages in mosquito vectors ...201323337824
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