prevalence and molecular epidemiology of west nile and usutu virus infections in croatia in the 'one health' context, 2018, croatia reported the largest outbreak of west nile virus (wnv) infections as well as the re-occurrence of human usutu virus (usuv) infections. for the first time, fatal wnv and usuv infections were detected in wild birds. we analysed epidemiological characteristics and molecular epidemiology of wnv and usuv infections detected during 2018 transmission season. from april to november, 178 patients with neuroinvasive disease and 68 patients with febrile disease were tested for wnv and usuv ...201931067011
integrated analysis of human-animal-vector surveillance: west nile virus infections in austria, 2015-2016.the results of integrated human and veterinary surveillance for west nile virus (wnv) infections in austria during the transmission seasons 2015 and 2016 are shown. altogether wnv nucleic acid was detected in 21 humans, horses, wild birds and mosquito pools. in detail: in four human clinical cases [two cases of west nile fever (wnf) and two cases of west nile neuroinvasive disease (wnnd)]; eight blood donors [among 145,541 tested donations], of which three remained asymptomatic and five subseque ...201829535293
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