cloning, sequencing and expression of the s protein gene from two geographically distinct strains of canine coronavirus.the gene encoding the spike (s) protein from two geographically distinct strains (american and british) of canine coronavirus (ccv) was cloned and sequenced. the nucleotide sequence revealed open reading frames of 1443 or 1453 amino acids, respectively. structural features include an n-terminal hydrophobic signal sequence, a hydrophilic cysteine-rich cluster near the c-terminus, two heptad repeats and 29 or 33 potential n-glycosylation sites. pairwise comparisons of s amino acid sequences from t ...19958607285
vaccination against coronaviruses in domestic animals.the current pandemic of covid-19 has set off an urgent search for an effective vaccine. this search may well benefit from the experiences of the animal health profession in the development and use of coronavirus vaccines in domestic animal species. these animal vaccines will in no way protect humans against covid-19 but knowledge of the difficulties encountered in vaccinating animals may help avoid or minimize similar problems arising in humans. diverse coronaviruses can infect the domestic spec ...202032563608
canine parvovirus is diagnosed and neutralized by chicken igy-scfv generated against the virus capsid protein.canine parvovirus (cpv) can cause acute and highly contagious bloody enteritis in dog. to obtain antibodies against cpv, hens were immunized with virus-like particles (vlp) of cpv-vp2. the igy single chain fragment variables (scfv) were generated by t7 phage display system and expressed in e. coli system. the titer of the primary scfv library reached to 1.5 × 106 pfu/ml, and 95% of the phages contained the target fragments. the cpv-vlp and cpv-vp2 protein showed similar reaction values to the pu ...202032883344
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