differences in virus receptor for type i and type ii feline infectious peritonitis virus.feline infectious peritonitis viruses (fipvs) are classified into type i and type ii serogroups. here, we report that feline aminopeptidase n (apn), a cell-surface metalloprotease on the intestinal, lung and kidney epithelial cells, is a receptor for type ii fipv but not for type i fipv. a monoclonal antibody (mab) r-g-4, which blocks infection of felis catus whole fetus (fcwf-4) cells by type ii fipv, was obtained by immunizing mice with fcwf-4 cells which are highly susceptible to fipv. this m ...19989645192
coronavirus infection of spotted hyenas in the serengeti ecosystem.sera from 38 free-ranging spotted hyenas (crocuta crocuta) in the serengeti ecosystem, tanzania, were screened for exposure to coronavirus of antigenic group 1. an immunofluorescence assay indicated high levels of exposure to coronavirus among serengeti hyenas: 95% when considering sera with titer levels of > or = 1:10 and 74% when considering sera with titer levels of > or = 1:40. cubs had generally lower mean titer levels than adults. exposure among serengeti hyenas to coronavirus was also con ...200415288921
vaccination against coronaviruses in domestic animals.the current pandemic of covid-19 has set off an urgent search for an effective vaccine. this search may well benefit from the experiences of the animal health profession in the development and use of coronavirus vaccines in domestic animal species. these animal vaccines will in no way protect humans against covid-19 but knowledge of the difficulties encountered in vaccinating animals may help avoid or minimize similar problems arising in humans. diverse coronaviruses can infect the domestic spec ...202032563608
unveiling patterns of viral pathogen infection in free-ranging carnivores of northern portugal using a complementary methodological approach.pathogen surveillance in free-ranging carnivores presents challenges due to their low densitie and secretive nature. we combined molecular and serological assays to investigate infections by viral pathogens (canine parvovirus (cpv), canine distemper virus (cdv) and canine coronavirus (ccov)) in portuguese carnivores (canis lupus, vulpes vulpes, lutra lutra, martes foina, m. martes, meles meles, and genetta genetta) over a period of 16 years. additionally we explored spatio-temporal patterns of v ...202032062189
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