identification and characterization of a novel alpaca respiratory coronavirus most closely related to the human coronavirus 2007, a novel coronavirus associated with an acute respiratory disease in alpacas (alpaca coronavirus, acov) was isolated. full-length genomic sequencing of the acov demonstrated the genome to be consistent with other alphacoronaviruses. a putative additional open-reading frame was identified between the nucleocapsid gene and 3'utr. the acov was genetically most similar to the common human coronavirus (hcov) 229e with 92.2% nucleotide identity over the entire genome. a comparison of spike gen ...201223235471
evidence for an ancestral association of human coronavirus 229e with bats.we previously showed that close relatives of human coronavirus 229e (hcov-229e) exist in african bats. the small sample and limited genomic characterizations have prevented further analyses so far. here, we tested 2,087 fecal specimens from 11 bat species sampled in ghana for hcov-229e-related viruses by reverse transcription-pcr (rt-pcr). only hipposiderid bats tested positive. to compare the genetic diversity of bat viruses and hcov-229e, we tested historical isolates and diagnostic specimens ...201526378164
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