broad cross-species infection of cultured cells by bat hku2-related swine acute diarrhea syndrome coronavirus and identification of its replication in murine dendritic cells in vivo highlight its potential for diverse interspecies transmission.outbreaks of severe diarrhea in neonatal piglets in guangdong, china, in 2017 resulted in the isolation and discovery of a novel swine enteric alphacoronavirus (seacov) derived from the species rhinolophus bat coronavirus hku2 (y. pan, x. tian, p. qin, b. wang, et al., vet microbiol 211:15-21, 2017). seacov was later referred to as swine acute diarrhea syndrome cov (sads-cov) by another group (p. zhou, h. fan, t. lan, x.-l. yang, et al., nature 556:255-258, 2018). the present study was set up to ...201931554686
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