cedar virus: a novel henipavirus isolated from australian bats.the genus henipavirus in the family paramyxoviridae contains two viruses, hendra virus (hev) and nipah virus (niv) for which pteropid bats act as the main natural reservoir. each virus also causes serious and commonly lethal infection of people as well as various species of domestic animals, however little is known about the associated mechanisms of pathogenesis. here, we report the isolation and characterization of a new paramyxovirus from pteropid bats, cedar virus (cedpv), which shares signif ...201222879820
henipavirus infections: lessons from animal models.the henipavirus genus contains two highly lethal viruses, the hendra and nipah viruses and one, recently discovered, apparently nonpathogenic member; cedar virus. these three, negative-sense single-stranded rna viruses, are hosted by fruit bats and use ephrinb2 receptors for entry into cells. the hendra and nipah viruses are zoonotic pathogens that emerged in the middle of 90s and have caused severe, and often fatal, neurologic and/or respiratory diseases in both humans and different animals; in ...201325437037
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