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differential innate immune responses elicited by nipah virus and cedar virus correlate with disparate in vivo pathogenesis in hamsters.syrian hamsters (mesocricetus auratus) are a pathogenesis model for the nipah virus (niv), and we sought to determine if they are also susceptible to the cedar virus (cedpv). following intranasal inoculation with cedpv, virus replication occurred in the lungs and spleens of infected hamsters, a neutralizing antibody was produced in some hamsters within 8 days post-challenge, and no conspicuous signs of disease occurred. cedpv replicated to a similar magnitude as niv-bangladesh in type i ifn-defi ...201930909389
a novel field-deployable method for sequencing and analyses of henipavirus genomes from complex samples on the minion platform.viruses in the genus henipavirus encompass 2 highly pathogenic emerging zoonotic pathogens, hendra virus (hev) and nipah virus (niv). despite the impact on human health, there is currently limited full-genome sequence information available for henipaviruses. this lack of full-length genomes hampers our ability to understand the molecular drivers of henipavirus emergence. furthermore, rapidly deployable viral genome sequencing can be an integral part of outbreak response and epidemiological inves ...202031784761
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