a novel field-deployable method for sequencing and analyses of henipavirus genomes from complex samples on the minion platform.viruses in the genus henipavirus encompass 2 highly pathogenic emerging zoonotic pathogens, hendra virus (hev) and nipah virus (niv). despite the impact on human health, there is currently limited full-genome sequence information available for henipaviruses. this lack of full-length genomes hampers our ability to understand the molecular drivers of henipavirus emergence. furthermore, rapidly deployable viral genome sequencing can be an integral part of outbreak response and epidemiological inves ...202031784761
analysis of nipah virus codon usage and adaptation to hosts.a recent outbreak of nipah virus (niv) in india has caused 17 deaths in people living in districts of kerala state. its zoonotic nature, as well as high rate of human-to-human transmission, has led researchers worldwide to work toward understanding the different aspects of the niv. we performed a codon usage analysis, based on publicly available nucleotide sequences of niv and its host adaptation, along with other members of the henipavirus genus in ten hosts. niv genome encodes nine open readin ...201931156564
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