isolation of tioman virus from pteropus giganteus bat in north-east region of india.bat-borne viral diseases are a major public health concern among newly emerging infectious diseases which includes severe acute respiratory syndrome, nipah, marburg and ebola virus disease. during the survey for nipah virus among bats at north-east region of india; tioman virus (tiov), a new member of the paramyxoviridae family was isolated from tissues of pteropus giganteus bats for the first time in india. this isolate was identified and confirmed by rt-pcr, sequence analysis and electron micr ...201627619056
detection of nipah virus rna in fruit bat (pteropus giganteus) from india.the study deals with the survey of different bat populations (pteropus giganteus, cynopterus sphinx, and megaderma lyra) in india for highly pathogenic nipah virus (niv), reston ebola virus, and marburg virus. bats (n = 140) from two states in india (maharashtra and west bengal) were tested for igg (serum samples) against these viruses and for virus rnas. only niv rna was detected in a liver homogenate of p. giganteus captured in myanaguri, west bengal. partial sequence analysis of nucleocapsid, ...201222802440
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