absence of middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus in bactrian camels in the west inner mongolia autonomous region of china: surveillance study results from july 2015. 201526632875
absence of middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus in camelids, kazakhstan, 2015. 201626889787
middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus antibodies in bactrian and hybrid camels from far, dromedary camels are the only known animal reservoir for middle east respiratory syndrome (mers) coronavirus (mers-cov). previous published serological studies showed that sera of bactrian camels were all negative for mers-cov antibodies. however, a recent study revealed that direct inoculation of bactrian camels intranasally with mers-cov can lead to infection with abundant virus shedding and seroconversion. in this study, we examined the presence of mers-cov antibodies in bactrian and ...202031969478
bactrian camels shed large quantities of middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov) after experimental 2012, middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov) emerged. to date, more than 2300 cases have been reported, with an approximate case fatality rate of 35%. epidemiological investigations identified dromedary camels as the source of mers-cov zoonotic transmission and evidence of mers-cov circulation has been observed throughout the original range of distribution. other new-world camelids, alpacas and llamas, are also susceptible to mers-cov infection. currently, it is unknown wheth ...201931119984
newcastle disease virus-based mers-cov candidate vaccine elicits high-level and lasting neutralizing antibodies in bactrian camels.middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov), a member of the coronaviridae family, is the causative pathogen for mers that is characterized by high fever, pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards), as well as extrapulmonary manifestations. currently, there are no approved treatment regimens or vaccines for mers. here, we generated recombinant nonvirulent newcastle disease virus (ndv) lasota strain expressing mers-cov s protein (designated as rla-mers-s), and evaluated its ...201732288953
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