comparative features of a coronavirus isolated from a cheetah with feline infectious peritonitis.a coronavirus which was isolated from a cheetah (acinonyx jubatus) that succumbed to feline infectious peritonitis was characterized in vitro. the virus was determined to be highly cell-associated with crandell feline kidney (crfk) cells and was routinely maintained as a persistent infection (crfk 83-4497). the cheetah coronavirus was compared with other members of the feline coronavirus group including the feline enteric coronavirus (fecv) 79-1683 and the feline infectious peritonitis viruses ( ...19892546331
biological and pathological consequences of feline infectious peritonitis virus infection in the epizootic of feline infectious peritonitis in a captive cheetah population during 1982-1983 served to focus attention on the susceptibility of the cheetah (acinoyx jubatus) to infectious disease. subsequent observations based upon seroepidemiological surveys and electron microscopy of fecal material verified that cheetahs were indeed capable of being infected by coronaviruses, which were antigenically related to coronaviruses affecting domestic cats, i.e. feline infectious peritonitis virus/f ...19882849387
serosurvey for selected viral pathogens among sympatric species of the african large predator guild in northern botswana.the recent increase in the creation of transboundary protected areas and wildlife corridors between them lends importance to information on pathogen prevalence and transmission among wildlife species that will become connected. one such initiative is the kavango zambezi transfrontier conservation area of which botswana's okavango delta constitutes a major contribution for wildlife and ecosystems. between 2008 and 2011, we collected serum samples from 14 lions ( panthera leo ), four leopards ( pa ...201727763827
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