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distinct lineage of vesiculovirus from big brown bats, united states.we identified a novel rhabdovirus, american bat vesiculovirus, from postmortem tissue samples from 120 rabies-negative big brown bats with a history of human contact. five percent of the tested bats were infected with this virus. the extent of zoonotic exposure and possible health effects in humans from this virus are unknown.201324274823
novel and diverse non-rabies rhabdoviruses identified in bats with human exposure, south dakota, usa.bats are a host and reservoir for a large number of viruses, many of which are zoonotic. in north america, the big brown bat (eptesicus fuscus) is widely distributed and common. big brown bats are a known reservoir for rabies virus, which, combined with their propensity to roost in human structures, necessitates testing for rabies virus following human exposure. the current pandemic caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, likely of bat origin, illustrates the need for continue ...202033302422
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