taxonomy proposal for old world monkey adenoviruses: characterisation of several non-human, non-ape primate adenovirus lineages.a species classification regarding old world monkey adenoviruses is proposed. we determined the nucleotide sequences of pcr-amplified fragments from the genes of the iva2, dna-dependent dna polymerase, penton base, and hexon proteins from every simian adenovirus (sadv) serotype that originated from old world monkeys for which the full genome sequence had not yet been published. we confirmed that the majority of old word monkey sadvs belong to two previously established species. interestingly, on ...201526370792
full genome sequence analysis of a novel adenovirus of rhesus macaque origin indicates a new simian adenovirus type and species.multiple novel simian adenoviruses have been isolated over the past years and their potential to cross the species barrier and infect the human population is an ever present threat. here we describe the isolation and full genome sequencing of a novel simian adenovirus (sadv) isolated from the urine of two independent, never co-housed, late stage simian immunodeficiency virus (siv)-infected rhesus macaques. the viral genome sequences revealed a novel type with a unique genome length, gc content, ...201425530944
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