phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis of hobi-like pestivirus: insights into origin and dispersal.the hobi-like pestivirus (hobipev), currently classified as pestivirus h species, is a pathogen associated with a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations in ruminants, particularly in cattle. since hobipev complete genome sequencing data is scarce, in the present study we described five nearly complete new brazilian hobipev genomes and further perform a more complete genetic and evolutionary characterization with all additional genome sequences available in the genbank database. entropy and se ...202032073749
proposed revision to the taxonomy of the genus pestivirus, family flaviviridae.we propose the creation of seven new species in the genus pestivirus (family flaviviridae) in addition to the four existing species, and naming species in a host-independent manner using the format pestivirus x. only the virus species names would change; virus isolates would still be referred to by their original names. the original species would be re-designated as pestivirus a (original designation bovine viral diarrhea virus 1), pestivirus b (bovine viral diarrhea virus 2), pestivirus c (clas ...201728786787
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