development of multispecies recombinant nucleoprotein-based indirect elisa for high-throughput screening of crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus-specific antibodies.crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever (cchf) is a re-emerging zoonotic viral disease prevalent in many parts of asia, europe, and africa. the causative agent, crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever orthonairovirus (cchfv), is transmitted through hard ticks. tick vectors especially belonging to the hyalomma species serve as the reservoir and amplifying host. the vertebrate animals including sheep, goat, and bovine act as a short-lasting bridge linking the virus and ticks. cchfv causes fatal hemorrhagic fever ...201931507540
viral metagenomics, genetic and evolutionary characteristics of crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever orthonairovirus in humans, kosovo.crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever orthonairovirus (cchfv) is a tick-borne virus which causes severe disease in humans with fatality cases up to 30%. we investigated the genetic and evolutionary characteristics of cchfv in kosovo, in particular in humans and found that different virus variants of genotype v circulate, with turkey as a possible origin for the progenitor of southern european cchf outbreaks. phylogenetic analyses also revealed a single introduction event and in situ evolution of cchfv ...201830006045
serological evidence of rift valley fever phlebovirus and crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever orthonairovirus infections among pygmies in the east region of cameroon.rift valley fever phlebovirus (rvfv) and crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever orthonairovirus (cchfv) specific antibodies had been documented among humans in urban settings of the southwestern and northern cameroon in the late 1980s. recently, evidence for enzootic circulation of rvfv was reported among livestock in both rural and urban settings in cameroon. however, current estimates of human exposure to rvfv and cchfv are still to be documented in cameroon, especially in rural areas. the aim of thi ...201829625611
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