detection and genome characterization of four novel bat hepadnaviruses and a hepevirus in recent years, novel hepadnaviruses, hepeviruses, hepatoviruses, and hepaciviruses have been discovered in various species of bat around the world, indicating that bats may act as natural reservoirs for these hepatitis viruses. in order to further assess the distribution of hepatitis viruses in bat populations in china, we tested the presence of these hepatitis viruses in our archived bat liver samples that originated from several bat species and various geographical regions in china.201728222808
consensus proposals for classification of the family hepeviridae.the family hepeviridae consists of positive-stranded rna viruses that infect a wide range of mammalian species, as well as chickens and trout. a subset of these viruses infects humans and can cause a self-limiting acute hepatitis that may become chronic in immunosuppressed individuals. current published descriptions of the taxonomical divisions within the family hepeviridae are contradictory in relation to the assignment of species and genotypes. through analysis of existing sequence information ...201424989172
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