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natural and experimental arboviral infections in a population of blacktail jackrabbits along the sacramento river in butte county, california (1971-1974).a serologic survey of the blacktail jackrabbit ( lepus californicus ) for infections with 10 arboviruses was conducted from 1971 through 1974 along the sacramento river in butte county, california. of 325 animals captured and bled a total of 493 times, 40% were found positive for hemagglutination-inhibiting (hi) antibody to california encephalitis (ce) virus, 34% to western equine encephalomyelitis (wee) virus, 20% to buttonwillow virus, 15% to st. louis encephalitis (sle) virus and 12% to main ...197724228958
monitoring sheep and culicoides midges in montana for evidence of bunyamwera serogroup virus infection.a serological and entomological investigation was performed to monitor for potential bunyamwera (bun) serogroup virus activity in montana.201426392881
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