hyalomma (hyalommina) arabica: nymphal and larval identity and spiny mouse hosts in saudi arabia (acarina: ixodoidea: ixodidae).nymphal and larval hyalomma (hyalommina) arabica pegram, hoogstraal, and wassef, 1982, described herein, closely resemble those of hyalomma (hyalommina) rhipicephaloides neumann, differing chiefly in body size (both stages), nymphal basis capituli and scutal proportional dimensions, and distinctness of larval coxal spurs. females of these species are also structurally similar but males differ in major critical characters. nymphs and larvae of both species parasitize the spiny mouse (acomys spp.) ...19854057007
hyalomma (hyalommina) arabica sp. n. parasitizing goats and sheep in the yemen arab republic and saudi arabia.hyalomma (hyalommina) arabica sp. n. is described from 62 adults (29 males, 33 females) taken throughout the year from 23 goats and two sheep, mostly at 200 m altitude in the southern tihama foothills of ta'izz province, yemen arab republic. one female from a goat at 2,300 m altitude in this province may have attached to the host elsewhere and a male from mecca, saudi arabia, was on a goat imported from an unknown source for the traditional religious pilgrimage feast. we postulate that the origi ...19827077440
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