buildings' impact on effective hospital services--the means of the property management role in norwegian hospitals.the purpose of this paper is to assess the status of the physical assets of norwegian hospital facilities in terms of technical condition, building performance, usability and adaptability, thereby comprehending the main challenges for property management as part of facilities management (fm) within hospitals of the norwegian specialist health-care services and permitting a discussion on a more strategic property management role.201425080651
cardiomyopathy syndrome in farmed atlantic salmon salmo salar: occurrence and direct financial losses for norwegian aquaculture.cardiomyopathy syndrome (cms) was first diagnosed in the mid-1980s in farmed atlantic salmon in norway, and later also in scotland and the faeroe islands. in norway the number of diagnosed cases increased from 25 to 103 in the period from 1998 to 2001 according to the national veterinary institute (nvi) records. very little is known about the causes of the disease and there is no documentation of its impact on the farmed salmon industry. this field survey was performed to collect information on ...200314667036
ralitrexed (tomudex) or nordic-flv regimen in metastatic colorectal cancer: a randomized phase ii study focusing on quality of life, patients' preferences and health economics.raltitrexed (tomudex) is proven effective in metastatic colorectal cancer. between 1998-2000, 25 patients were included in a randomized phase ii study comparing raltitrexed (13 patients) and the nordic flv regimen (12 patients). 23 patients were evaluable for response. the overall response rate was 2/12 (1 cr, 1 pr) in the raltitrexed arm and 1/11 (1 cr) in the nordic flv arm, respectively. there was no difference in overall survival (raltitrexed--14.7 months, nordic flv--15.4 months). 23 patien ...200212120887
costs and benefits of diagnosing familial breast cancer.based on results from our surveillance program for women at risk for inherited breast cancer, we have calculated cost per year earned. norwegian national insurance service reimbursement fees were used in the calculations. the calculated costs are based on empirical figures for expanding already established medical genetic departments and diagnostic outpatient clinics to undertake the work described. cost per year earned was estimated at euro 753 using our current practice of identifying the high ...199910595273
medical emergency motorcycle--is it useful in a scandinavian emergency medical service?medical emergency motorcycles (mem) can be used in time-critical conditions like cardiac arrest and multi-traumatized patients in an attempt to reduce the response time. other potential benefits with mem are more efficient patient evaluation, reduction of unnecessary ems car ambulance missions and reduced cost. the potential benefits have been evaluated in this study. the incidence of accidents when operating the vehicle was also of interest.200919239681
the cost of multiple sclerosis in economic aspects have been increasingly important during introduction of new treatments for multiple sclerosis. as a partial response for norway, a cost-of-illness study was carried out to estimate the yearly cost of the illness to society and relate costs and patients' quality of life to illness severity. estimated cost to society was euro 439 million in 2002 exclusive of the cost of reduced quality of life. the cost per patient was close to euro 65,000. account taken of methodological d ...201221080024
cost-effectiveness of ezetimibe coadministration in statin-treated patients not at cholesterol goal: application to germany, spain and norway.despite the growing use of statins, many hypercholesterolaemic patients fail to reach their lipid goal and remain at elevated risk of coronary heart disease (chd). alternative treatment strategies, such as ezetimibe coadministration and statin titration, can help patients achieve greater lipid control, and thereby lower their chd risk. but is it cost effective to more aggressively lower cholesterol levels across a broad range of current statin users?200415669153
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