influence of season and site location on european cultured sea bass parasites in corsican fish farms using indicator species analysis (indval).the parasites of 536 european sea bass, dicentrarchus labrax, were studied between january 2012 and december 2013 in six corsican fish farms. the indicator value (indval) method, which combines measures of fidelity and specificity, has been used in this study. because of its resilience to changes in abundance, indval is a particularly effective tool for ecological bioindicator. the indval method showed how season can influence the occurrence of parasite species in cultured sea bass and also iden ...201626446088
lernanthropus kroyeri (van beneden and hesse 1851) parasitic copepoda (siphonostomatoidae, lernanthropidae) of european cultured sea bass dicentrarchus labrax (linnaeus 1758) from corsica: ecological and morphological study.lernanthropus kroyeri (copepoda, siphonostomatoida: lernanthropidae) is a gill parasite found on the european sea bass dicentrarchus labrax. during a survey of sea bass of corsican fish farms, we studied the biology of this parasite under culture conditions. we first chose to conduct a scanning electron microscopic study to give additional information about the lifestyle of the parasite. our examinations made it possible to reveal some unreported superficial structures including details not desc ...201222179262
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