spectrum of opportunistic infections and risk factors for in-hospital mortality of admitted aids patients in investigate the frequency and the spectrum of major opportunistic infections (ois), evaluate the major clinical factors associated with each specific oi, and identify the risk factors for in-hospital death among hiv patients in east china.a retrospective cohort study was made including all the hiv-infected patients who were admitted for the first time to the shanghai public health clinical center during june 1, 2013 to june 1, 2015. the demographic and clinical data were collected. comparison ...201627227959
needs of family caregivers of advanced cancer patients: a survey in shanghai of is important to understand the unmet needs of family caregivers of advanced cancer patients for developing and refining services to address the identified gaps in cancer care. to explore their needs in chinese mainland and the possible factors associated with their needs, a self-developed questionnaire was used to survey a sample of 649 participants in 15 hospitals of shanghai. the data were analysed using descriptive statistics, factor analysis, t-test, one-way anova, and fishers least signi ...201424417701
synovial sarcoma involving skull base--a retrospective analysis of diagnosis and treatment of 21 cases in one retrospectively review the diagnosis and treatment outcomes of 21 diagnosed with synovial sarcoma (ss) extending to skull base region and identify prognostic factors for local recurrence and distant metastasis. the clinical and pathological records of 21 synovial sarcoma cases involving skull base treated at department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, affiliated to ninth people's hospital, shanghai jiao tong university, from 2003 to 2008 were reviewed. parameters including clinical, radiogr ...201121641853
[life style interventions study on the effects of impaired glucose regulations in shanghai urban communities].to access the effects of life style interventions on impaired glucose regulation (igr) in shanghai urban communities, china.201121695906
[analysis of tobacco site features using near-infrared spectroscopy and projection model].in this paper, total of 5170 flue-cured tobacco samples collected from 2003 to 2012 in the domestic and foreign origin by shanghai tobacco group technical center were tested by near infrared spectroscopy, including the typical upper leaves 1394, central 2550, the lower part of 1226. using projection model of based on principal component and fisher criterion (ppf), follow the projected results to get no statistically significant differences at adjacent principal components, and the number of prin ...201425881423
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