maternal lineages in native canadian equine populations and their relationship to the nordic and mountain and moorland pony breeds.a 378-bp section of the mitochondrial displacement loop was used to estimate genetic diversity in the native canadian equine populations. the inclusion of 10 mountain and moorland, 3 nordic pony breeds, 2 feral populations, and 5 horse breeds were also investigated as they may have influenced the development (or rejuvenation) of the native canadian populations. a total of 281 samples were sequenced, which produced 75 haplotypes derived from 54 informative sites. on further investigation, 36 of t ...201222504109
genetic diversity and admixture among canadian, mountain and moorland and nordic pony part of the requirements of the convention on biological diversity, canada has been investigating the genetic diversity of its native equine and pony populations. along with examining four indigenous canadian equine populations (canadian horse, lac la croix pony, newfoundland pony and sable island population), another 10 mountain and moorland, three nordic, four horse and two feral equine populations (thought to have influenced some pony breeds) were also investigated. in total, 821 individua ...201222436150
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