vehicle-moose accidents in newfoundland.during 1987 and 1988, in newfoundland, there were 661 motor-vehicle accidents involving a moose; 133 people were injured and three died. this constitutes a major problem for the provincial health-care system. in 95 per cent of the patients who were involved in fifty-five primary collisions (the vehicle hit only the moose), the injury-severity score was less than 9 (mean and standard deviation, 3.2 +/- 4.6). there were thirty-six secondary collisions: in eighteen, the vehicle hit other objects af ...19911748697
effect of roadside vegetation cutting on moose browsing.moose (alces americanus ) vehicle collisions (mvcs) are an issue throughout the distribution of moose. many mitigation strategies have been tested and implemented to reduce the number of mvcs, but there have been few empirical analyses of the effectiveness of roadside vegetation cutting. the goal of this study was to determine if roadside vegetation cutting attracted moose into roadside areas to browse on the vegetation regrowth. we hypothesized that moose would be attracted to roadside areas wi ...201526244576
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