seroprevalence of selected infectious agents in a free-ranging, low-density lion population in the central kalahari game reserves in botswana.twenty-one free-ranging central kalahari lions (panthera leo) exhibited a high prevalence rate of feline herpesvirus (100%) and feline immunodeficiency virus (71.4%). canine distemper virus and feline calicivirus occurred with a low prevalence. all individuals tested negative for feline coronavirus, feline parvovirus, feline leukemia virus, ehrlichia canis, and anaplasma phagocytophilum.200717460117
genetic evidence for contrasting wetland and savannah habitat specializations in different populations of lions (panthera leo).south-central africa is characterized by an archipelago of wetlands, which has evolved in time and space since at least the miocene, providing refugia for animal species during pleistocene arid episodes. their importance for biodiversity in the region is reflected in the evolution of a variety of specialist mammal and bird species, adapted to exploit these wetland habitats. populations of lions (panthera leo) across south-central and east africa have contrasting signatures of mitochondrial dna h ...201626695079
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