uncertain links in host-parasite networks: lessons for parasite transmission in a multi-host system.for many parasites, the full set of hosts that are susceptible to infection is not known, and this could lead to a bias in estimates of transmission. we used counts of individual adult parasites from historical parasitology studies in southern africa to map a bipartite network of the nematode parasites of herbivore hosts that occur in botswana. bipartite networks are used in community ecology to represent interactions across trophic levels. we used a bayesian hierarchical model to predict the fu ...201728289262
buffalo, bush meat, and the zoonotic threat of brucellosis in botswana.brucellosis is a zoonotic disease of global importance infecting humans, domestic animals, and wildlife. little is known about the epidemiology and persistence of brucellosis in wildlife in southern africa, particularly in botswana.201222412932
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