hospital-based surveillance for viral hemorrhagic fevers and hepatitides in ghana.viral hemorrhagic fevers (vhf) are acute diseases associated with bleeding, organ failure, and shock. vhf may hardly be distinguished clinically from other diseases in the african hospital, including viral hepatitis. this study was conducted to determine if vhf and viral hepatitis contribute to hospital morbidity in the central and northern parts of ghana.201324069490
serological evidence of influenza a viruses in frugivorous bats from africa.bats are likely natural hosts for a range of zoonotic viruses such as marburg, ebola, rabies, as well as for various corona- and paramyxoviruses. in 2009/10, researchers discovered rna of two novel influenza virus subtypes--h17n10 and h18n11--in central and south american fruit bats. the identification of bats as possible additional reservoir for influenza a viruses raises questions about the role of this mammalian taxon in influenza a virus ecology and possible public health relevance. as molec ...201525965069
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