serodiagnosis of echinococcosis by elisa using cystic fluid from uzbekistan sheep.according to increase of travel, the cases of imported echinococcosis have been increasing in korea. the present study was undertaken to develop a serodiagnostic system for echinococcosis in korea. for diagnosis of echinococcosis, the fluid of echinococcus granulosus hydatid cysts was collected from naturally infected sheep in uzbekistan. also serum samples of infected patients who were surgically confirmed were collected in a hospital in tashkent, uzbekistan. according to the absorbance of 59 e ...201323864742
prevalence of serum igg antibodies to cystic echinococcus antigen among patients in an uzbekistan emergency hospital.cystic echinococcosis (ce) is one of the most widespread zoonotic helminthiases, which can last an asymptomatic infection for several years. the purpose of this study was to demonstrate serum antibody prevalence of ce among asymptomatic people in uzbekistan using elisa. a total of 2,547 serum samples were collected, 66 from confirmed ce patients and 2,481 of patients with other diseases than ce at a hospital in tashkent, uzbekistan. the serum samples were screened for ce specific igg antibodies ...201526797436
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