avalon virus, sakhalin group (nairovirus, bunyaviridae) from the seabird tick ixodes (ceratixodes) uriae white 1852 in france.nine strains of avalon virus were isolated from ixodes uriae ticks collected in the cape sizun seabird reserve, brittany, from 1979 to 1985, during a longitudinal study of consequences of tick-borne infections for kittiwakes (rissa tridactyla). avalon virus strains isolated in france proved difficult to study owing to the weak infectious titres they exhibited in suckling mice or cultured cells. however, some interesting data concerning the ecology of virus infection and the morphology of the vir ...19862878589
[serologic survey on arbovirus infections in patients presenting with uveitis].viruses have been demonstrated or suspected as the causative agents of various types of uveitis. some arboviruses can be responsible for ocular manifestations. in brittany, both serosurveys and virus isolations were positive for arboviruses. these results led us to look for the possible role of arboviruses in the aetiology of uveitis. for this, we performed a serosurvey on 131 patients with uveitis of unknown aetiology. patients were examined in the ophthalmologic department of the brest univers ...19846094643
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