outbreak of urogenital schistosomiasis in corsica (france): an epidemiological case study.schistosomiasis is a snail-borne parasitic disease endemic in several tropical and subtropical countries. however, in the summer of 2013, an unexpected outbreak of urogenital schistosomiasis occurred in corsica, with more than 120 local people or tourists infected. we used a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the epidemiology of urogenital schistosomiasis in corsica, aiming to elucidate the origin of the outbreak.201627197551
difficulties in schistosomiasis assessment, corsica, france. 201626982685
acute anuria after a family vacation to corsica/france.a 12-year-old male patient suffered hematuria. histopathology of a biopsy showed granulomata suspicious for schistosomiasis. the patient had never travelled outside europe during his entire lifetime. he had taken frequent bathes in various rivers during his last family holidays 5 months earlier in corsica. microfiltration of urine revealed viable ova of schistosoma haematobium with alterated size and shape. ultrasonography showed a large focal echopoor mass attached to the bladder roof. four day ...201626852123
introgressive hybridizations of schistosoma haematobium by schistosoma bovis at the origin of the first case report of schistosomiasis in corsica (france, europe).this study concerns the first urinary schistosomiasis case observed in corsica (france, europe) occurring in a 12-year-old german boy. the aim was to identify the relationship between this schistosoma haematobium infection and other schistosomes of the schistosoma group with terminal-spined ova. morphological and molecular analyses were conducted on the ova. the results showed that the schistosome responsible for the emergence of schistosomiasis in corsica was due to s. haematobium introgressed ...201526268566
evidence for a permanent presence of schistosomiasis in corsica, france, 2015.we present a case of acute schistosomiasis acquired in corsica after bathing in the cavu river during the summer of 2015. the diagnosis was made following epidemiological, laboratory and serological assessments. after a previous outbreak of urogenital schistosomiasis during the summer of 2013, when more than 120 infections were diagnosed, this further case indicates transmission was still effective in 2015, thus suggesting a permanent presence of schistosomiasis in corsica.201626767427
local and international implications of schistosomiasis acquired in corsica, france.we report 11 cases of schistosomiasis in international travelers who had bathed in rivers in corsica, france, during 2012-2014. the infections were diagnosed in 2014 and reported to the geosentinel surveillance network and european travel medicine network. travelers can be sentinels for emerging infections; thus, this situation warrants a concerted human and veterinary epidemiologic response.201526401954
schistosomiasis screening of travelers from italy with possible exposure in corsica, france. 201526401824
an unusual case of hematuria in a french family returning from corsica.urinary schistosomiasis caused by schistosoma haematobium worms is endemic to tropical regions where it is the most common cause of hematuria. however, the intermediate snail hosts, bulinus truncatus, have been described in portugal, spain, sardinia, and corsica. s. haematobium has long remained exotic to europe, however, an outbreak of urinary schistosomiasis in corsica started in 2011 with b. truncatus as the primary intermediate host. we describe the case of a 12-year-old french boy presentin ...201525461660
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