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environmental transport of emerging human-pathogenic cryptosporidium species and subtypes through combined sewer overflow and wastewater.the environmental transport of cryptosporidium spp. through combined sewer overflow (cso) and the occurrence of several emerging human-pathogenic cryptosporidium species in developing countries remain unclear. in this study, we collected 40 cso samples and 40 raw wastewater samples from shanghai, china, and examined them by pcr and dna sequencing for cryptosporidium species (targeting the small subunit rrna gene) and giardia duodenalis (targeting the triosephosphate isomerase, β-giardin, and glu ...201728600310
longitudinal monitoring of cryptosporidium species in pre-weaned dairy calves on five farms in shanghai, pre-weaned dairy calves, the zoonotic and pathogenic species cryptosporidium parvum is the dominant cryptosporidium species in most industrialized nations. in several studies in china, however, c. bovis has been the dominant one. to further examine the distribution of cryptosporidium species in pre-weaned dairy calves in china, 818 fecal specimens were collected from five farms in shanghai, with repeated samplings (up to five times) on each farm. pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism ( ...201728579024
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