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nontyphoidal salmonella infection in children with acute gastroenteritis: prevalence, serotypes, and antimicrobial resistance in shanghai, china.information about nontyphoidal salmonella (nts) infection in children is limited in mainland china. the objective of this study was to investigate the prevalence, serotypes, and antibiotic resistance patterns of nts infection in children in shanghai. all cases with probable bacterial diarrhea were enrolled from the enteric clinic of a tertiary pediatric hospital between july 2010 and december 2011. salmonella isolation, serotyping, and antimicrobial susceptibility testing were conducted by the m ...201424313784
nontyphoidal salmonella gastroenteritis in baoshan, shanghai, china, 2010 to 2014: an etiological surveillance and case-control study.nontyphoidal salmonella (nts) gastroenteritis is a widespread global foodborne disease. to identify the epidemiologic characteristics, sources of food contamination, and risk factors of nts gastroenteritis, epidemiologic data and stool specimens of diarrheal patients were collected from sentinel hospitals in baoshan, shanghai, people's republic of china, between 2010 and 2014. food products from nearby farmers' markets and animal feces from live poultry markets and livestock farms were sampled t ...201728207307
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