theileriosis in zambia: etiology, epidemiology and control zambia, theileriosis manifests itself in the form of corridor disease (cd), caused by theileria parva lawrencei, and east coast fever (ecf), caused by t. parva parva. of the approximately 3 million cattle in zambia, 1.4 million are at risk to theileriosis. ecf is found in the northern and eastern provinces of the country, while cd appears in southern, central, lusaka and copperbelt provinces. theileriosis is a major constraint to the development of the livestock industry in zambia, with losse ...19947933764
distribution and phenology of ixodid ticks in southern zambia.distribution data for epidemiologically important ticks (acari: ixodidae) in the southern province of zambia, one of the main cattle areas of the country, are presented. boophilus microplus (canestrini) was not recorded in southern zambia, whereas boophilus decoloratus (koch) is present throughout the area. new distribution patterns for less economically important ixodid ticks are also discussed. southern zambia is a transition zone because it is the most northern area in africa where mixed rhip ...200212510896
population genetic analysis and sub-structuring of theileria parva in the northern and eastern parts of zambia.theileriosis, caused by theileria parva, is an economically important disease in africa. it is a major constraint to the development of the livestock industry in some parts of eastern, central and southern africa. in zambia, theileriosis causes losses of up to 10,000 cattle annually.201223146577
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