short report: prevalence of antibodies against spotted fever, murine typhus, and q fever rickettsiae in humans living in zambia.the causative agents of rickettsial diseases (rickettsia conorii, r. typhi, and coxiella burnetii) have been reported throughout the african continent. however, there have been no reports on epidemiologic surveys of these infections in zambia. this study was designed to clarify the prevalence of three rickettsioses in 377 humans in zambia. the seroprevalence of antibodies against r. conorii, r. typhi, and c. burnetii was 16.7%, 5.0%, and 8.2%, respectively. the rates of antibody positivity again ...199910432059
first genetic detection of coxiella burnetii in zambian livestock.q fever is a widespread zoonosis caused by coxiella burnetii, an obligate intracellular gram-negative bacterium. the investigation of c. burnetii infection in zambian livestock was carried out using molecular detection techniques. a total of 489 cattle and 53 goat blood samples were collected from chama, chongwe, monze, and petauke districts in zambia. molecular screening by polymerase chain reaction was performed using c. burnetii-species-specific primers. in total, 38 cattle and 4 goat samples ...201323857023
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