incidence of vibrio cholerae from estuaries of the united states west coast.the incidence of vibrio cholerae in shellfish, sediment, and waters of california, oregon, and washington was determined during the summer of 1984. samples from 24 distinct estuaries were analyzed qualitatively. v. cholerae non-o1 was found in 23 estuaries and in 44.6% of the 529 samples examined. v. cholerae o1 inaba was isolated from water samples in morro bay, calif. vibrio mimicus was found in 2.3% of the samples. cholera enterotoxin was not found in cell-free filtrates of the 100 isolates t ...19873606111
notes from the field: vibrio mimicus infection from consuming crayfish --- spokane, washington, june 2010.on june 24, 2010, the spokane (washington) regional health district (srhd) was notified of two hospitalized patients under intensive care with severe dehydration whose stool specimens yielded vibrio mimicus. cdc was asked to assist with the environmental and epidemiologic investigation. investigators learned that both persons had consumed crayfish on june 20, 2010. the previous day, live crayfish obtained from an online seafood company had been boiled and served warm at a party. the chef reporte ...201021030943
vibrio mimicus infection associated with crayfish consumption, spokane, washington, 2010.we report a cluster of severe diarrheal disease caused by vibrio mimicus infection among four persons who had consumed leftover crayfish the day after a private crayfish boil. gastrointestinal illness caused by vibrio mimicus has not been reported previously in washington state. three cases were laboratory confirmed by stool culture; using pcr, isolates were found to have ctx genes that encode cholera toxin (ct). two of the cases were hospitalized under intensive care with a cholera-like illness ...201222488068
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