trichinellosis in the united states, 1991-1996: declining but not gone.since the u.s. public health service began recording statistics on trichinellosis in 1947, the number of cases reported by state health departments has decreased steadily. in the late 1940s, health departments reported an average of 400 cases and 10-15 deaths each year. from 1991 to 1996, the period covered in this report, three deaths in 230 cases were reported to the centers for disease control and prevention (an average of 38 cases per year), including 14 multiple case outbreaks from 31 state ...19999988325
helminth parasitism in martens (martes americana) and ermines (mustela erminea) from washington, with comments on the distribution of trichinella spiralis.helminths are reported for the first time from ermines (mustela erminea) and martens (martes americana) in washington (usa). among 22 adult ermines, 41% were infected by one or more of five species (taenia mustelae, alaria mustelae, molineus patens, m. mustelae and trichinella spiralis). among 78 adult martens from three geographic localities, the prevalence was 83%. nine species were identified (mesocestoides sp., t. mustelae and t. martis americana, euryhelmis squamula, m. patens, baylisascari ...19902250320
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