viral and bacterial serology of free-ranging pacific walrus.serum or heparinized plasma samples were obtained between 1994 and 1996 from 20 male and 20 female adult free-ranging pacific walrus (odobenus rosmarus divergens) from st. lawrence island and round island, alaska. samples were screened for antibodies to some potentially pathogenic bacteria and viruses. no sample had detectable antibody to brucella spp. three of 40 (8%) had low antibody titers to leptospira interrogans serovars. phocine distemper virus antibodies were not detected. serologic resp ...200211838234
viral serologic survey of bowhead whales in alaska.serum samples from 21 of 36 eskimo harvested bowhead whales (balaena mysticetus) were positive by virus neutralization (50% endpoint titer > or = 1:28 and/or 100% endpoint titer > or = 1:20) for antibodies to at least one virus serotype from the calicivirus family, vesicular exanthema of swine virus (vesv) and san miguel sea lion virus (smsv). many animals were positive to more than one serotype when using the spearman-karber (s-k) method for calculating antibody titers. the most common serotype ...19989476224
expression and self-assembly of virus-like particles from two genotypes of marine vesiviruses and development of an elisa for the detection of antibodies.sequences encoding the major and minor capsid proteins (vp1 and vp2) from two marine vesivirus isolates (steller sea lion viruses v810 and v1415) were engineered for expression of virus-like particles (vlps) in the baculovirus system. the resulting vlps were morphologically similar to native vesivirus virions. purified vlps were probed in immunoblots with pooled antisera specific for nine san miguel sea lion virus (smsv) types, and a predominant protein of approximately 60kda was detected. an en ...201019913368
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