temporal and geographic clustering of polyomavirus-associated olfactory tumors in 10 free-ranging raccoons (procyon lotor).reports of primary nervous system tumors in wild raccoons are extremely rare. olfactory tumors were diagnosed postmortem in 9 free-ranging raccoons from 4 contiguous counties in california and 1 raccoon from oregon within a 26-month period between 2010 and 2012. we describe the geographic and temporal features of these 10 cases, including the laboratory diagnostic investigations and the neuropathologic, immunohistochemical, and ultrastructural characteristics of these tumors in the affected anim ...201424045888
novel polyomavirus associated with brain tumors in free-ranging raccoons, western united states.tumors of any type are exceedingly rare in raccoons. high-grade brain tumors, consistently located in the frontal lobes and olfactory tracts, were detected in 10 raccoons during march 2010-may 2012 in california and oregon, suggesting an emerging, infectious origin. we have identified a candidate etiologic agent, dubbed raccoon polyomavirus, that was present in the tumor tissue of all affected animals but not in tissues from 20 unaffected animals. southern blot hybridization and rolling circle a ...201323260029
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