a new species of auriculostoma (digenea: allocreadiidae) in the mexican tetra astyanax mexicanus (actinopterygii: characidae) from central veracruz, mexico, described with the use of morphological and molecular data.auriculostoma totonacapanensis n. sp. is described from the mexican tetra, astyanax mexicanus (actinopterygii, characidae) collected in a tributary creek of the bobos river in filipinas, veracruz, mexico. the new species is set apart from all congeners by the combination of some morphological characters such as the testes position (oblique in most specimens), the ventral to oral sucker ratio (1:1.2 × 1:1.1), the cirrus sac originating at the ovarian region, and by having vitelline follicles not ...201424428724
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