results of testing for intestinal parasites by state diagnostic laboratories, united states, 1987.we analyzed results of 216,275 stool specimens examined by the state diagnostic laboratories in 1987; parasites were found in 20.1%. percentages were highest for protozoans: giardia lamblia (7.2%), entamoeba coli and endolimax nana (4.2% each), blastocystis hominis (2.6%), entamoeba histolytica (0.9%), and cryptosporidium species (0.2%). identifications of giardia lamblia increased broadly from the 4.0% average found in 1979, with 40 states reporting increases and seven decreases. most states th ...19911779956
igg antibody to giardia lamblia detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.a sensitive, reproducible enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using unfixed, intact giardia lamblia trophozoites as antigen is described. employing this assay, we demonstrated that 81% of 59 symptomatic giardiasis patients and 12% of 17 uninfected control subjects had circulating igg antibodies to g. lamblia. eleven out of 15 patients tested serially had detectable antibody from 2 wk to 15 mo after therapy for acute infection. the prevalence of antibody in 197 unselected individuals in the washing ...19817014351
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