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molecular evidence of undescribed ceratonova sp. (cnidaria: myxosporea) in the freshwater polychaete, manayunkia speciosa, from western lake erie.we used pcr to screen pooled individuals of manayunkia speciosa from western lake erie, michigan, usa for myxosporean parasites. amplicons from positive pcrs were sequenced and showed a ceratonova species in an estimated 1.1% (95% ci=0.46%, 1.8%) of m. speciosa individuals. we sequenced 18s, its1, 5.8s, its2 and most of the 28s rdna regions of this ceratonova sp., and part of the protein-coding ef2 gene. phylogenetic analyses of ribosomal and ef2 sequences showed the lake erie ceratonova sp. is ...201627150245
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