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comparison of antibodies in marine fish from clean and polluted waters of the new york bight: relative levels against 36 from polluted waters are subject to increased prevalence of disease. because they respond to bacterial pathogens by producing serum antibodies, it was possible to construct a seasonal serological record in three fish species from clean and polluted waters of the new york bight. antibody levels were determined by testing sera for agglutinating activity against 36 strains of bacteria. evaluation of 5,100 antibody titrations showed the following. during warm months, summer flounder (paralichth ...1979518084
cloning and biochemical characterization of fox-5, an ampc-type plasmid-encoded beta-lactamase from a new york city klebsiella pneumoniae clinical isolate.klebsiella pneumoniae 5064, isolated in new york, carried plasmid-mediated resistance to multiple beta-lactams and was unresponsive to clavulanic acid. the beta-lactamase gene responsible for cephalosporin resistance encoded fox-5, with 96 to 97% amino acid identities to other members of the fox family of beta-lactamases. the bla(fox-5) coding region was located next to a transposase gene from the aeromonas salmonicida insertion element isas2.200111600376
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