retrospective neuropathological review of prion disease in uk haemophilic 1996, the cjd surveillance unit in edinburgh, uk described nvcjd which was thought to be the human equivalent of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (bse). the identification of prion protein in the tonsil of an affected individual has raised the question of transmission of nvcjd via blood products. this study examines the post mortem brains of 33 patients who were treated with clotting factor concentrate of predominately uk donor source during the years 1962-1995. the brains were examined by co ...19989869159
the research programme on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies in britain with special reference to bovine spongiform encephalopathy.research into bovine spongiform encephalopathy (bse) commenced immediately following its discovery in november 1986. formal epidemiological studies commenced in june 1987 and were part of a large research programme set up mainly at the central veterinary laboratory weybridge and the institute for animal health, afrc/mrc neuropathogenesis unit in edinburgh. this programme also covered the clinicopathology of bse, transmission studies and molecular chemistry. research results have shown that bse i ...19938270105
creutzfeldt-jakob disease in scotland and northern ireland 1980-1989.the epidemiological and clinical features of creutzfeldt-jakob disease have never before been studied in scotland and northern ireland. case records for those dying with this diagnosis were obtained for the period 1980-89. over the ten year period, 25 definite or probable cases were identified, giving an annual incidence of 0.37 cases/million. there were more cases in the second half of the decade, and this was most likely due to increased ascertainment. one pair of cases occurred in close proxi ...19921492215
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