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in vitro antibacterial and antitumor activities of some medicinal plant extracts, growing in investigate antibacterial and antitumor activities of 51 different extracts prepared with 3 types of solvents (water, ethanol and methanol) of 16 different plant species (ajuga reptans (a. reptans) l., phlomis pungens (p. pungens) willd., marrubium astracanicum (m. astracanicum) jacq., nepeta nuda (n. nuda) l., stachys annua (s. annua) l., genista lydia (g. lydia) boiss., nuphar lutea (n. lutea) l., nymphaea alba (n. alba) l., vinca minor (v. minor) l., stellaria media (s. media) l., capsella ...201323790332
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