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chemical composition and antifungal activity of volatiles from three opuntia species growing in tunisia.the chemical composition of the volatiles isolated by steam distillation from leaves, flowers and fruits of opuntia lindheimeri var. linguiformis l. benson, leaves and flowers of opuntia macrorhiza engelm and leaves of opuntia microdasys (lehmann) gathered in the sea cliff of monastir town (tunisia), has been studied by gc and gc-ms. remarkable differences were noted between the composition and the constituent percentage of the different studied organs. the most important compounds found in leav ...200719070119
antifungal activity from polar and non-polar extracts of some chenopodiaceae wild species growing in tunisia.nine plants belonging to chenopodiaceae family were collected around salt marshes near monastir, located in the east mediterranean coast of tunisia. they were tested for their antifungal activities against six plant pathogenic fungi: botrytis cinerea, fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum, f. solani f. sp. cucurbitae, phytophthora cactorum, rhizoctonia solani and nattrassia mangiferae. data of this study showed that the highest inhibition of botrytis cinerea growth was observed with the petroleum eth ...200919452345
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