asfv in tanzania: asymptomatic pigs harbor virus of molecular similarity to georgia 2011 african swine fever virus (asfv) genome was detected in asymptomatic pigs in field samples in mbeya, tanzania. the aim of this paper is to partly characterize the virus that was harbored in these pigs and furthermore to confirm, by a second sampling, the latest occurrence of asfv in the study area. asfv genome was detected in serum from 10 out of 127 healthy european/crossbreed pigs. asfv dna was polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplified and sequenced from sera with high viral loads usin ...201323398669
detection of african swine fever virus dna in blood samples stored on fta cards from asymptomatic pigs in mbeya region, tanzania.the aim of the study was to assess whether blood samples collected onto fta(®) cards could be used in combination with real-time pcr for the detection of african swine fever virus (asfv) dna in samples from resource-poor settings under the assumption that asymptomatically (sub-clinically) infected pigs may be present. blood samples were collected from clinically healthy pigs from mbeya region, tanzania. the blood samples were stored on fta(®) cards and analysed by real-time pcr assays in duplica ...201523472656
variations in clinical presentation and anatomical distribution of gross lesions of african swine fever in domestic pigs in the southern highlands of tanzania: a field experience.african swine fever is a contagious viral disease responsible for up to 100% mortality among domestic pigs. a longitudinal study was carried out to determine the clinical presentation and anatomical distribution of gross lesions in affected pigs in mbeya region, tanzania during the 2010 to 2014 outbreaks. data were collected during clinical and postmortem examination by field veterinarians and using a structured questionnaire. a total of 118 respondents (100%) showed awareness about african swin ...201727915438
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