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helminth fauna of the yellow-legged gull larus cachinnans in galicia, north-west spain.thirty-six helminth species were found in 324 gulls examined during june 1994 to february 1996 from different localities of galicia: 25 trematodes (brachylaima sp., brachylecithum microtesticulatum, cardiocephaloides longicollis, cryptocotyle lingua, cryptocotyle concavum, diplostomum spathaceum, echinostephilla virgula, galactosomum phalacrocoracis, gigantobilharzia acotylea, gymnophallus deliciosus, gynaecotyla longiintestinata, himasthla elongata, himasthla quissetensis, knipowitschiatrema ni ...200516336721
influence of host age and sex on the helminth fauna of the yellow-legged gull (larus michahellis) in galicia (northwestern spain).we studied the influence of host age and sex on the helminth fauna of 324 larus michahellis captured in different locations in the region of galicia (northwestern spain). gulls were grouped into prefledglings, first-year immature birds, second- and third-year immature birds, and adults. second-year, third-year, and adult birds were grouped by sex. thirty-six helminth species were recorded. total species richness and mean infracommunity species richness were both significantly lower for pre-fledg ...200616883985
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