caries and candida colonisation in adult patients in basque country (spain).candida albicans is one of the most frequent pathogens of the oral cavity, as a major cause of opportunistic disease. moreover, candida could be a cofactor of common oral diseases, such as dental caries. the aim of this study was to analyse the oral yeast colonisation in adults with dental caries and to evaluate its relationship with this clinical entity. we studied 190 patients distributed into controls (58 patients) and patients with caries (132 patients). oral samples were collected by oral r ...201626756815
the antimicrobial effects of propolis collected in different regions in the basque country (northern spain).the antimicrobial activity of 19 propolis extracts prepared in different solvents (ethanol and propylene glycol) (eep/pep), was evaluated against some bacterial and fungal isolates using the agar-well diffusion method. it was verified that all the samples tested showed antimicrobial activity, although results varied considerably between samples. results revealed that both types of propolis extracts showed highly sensitive antimicrobial action against gram-positive bacteria and fungi at a concent ...201122805915
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