epidemiological analysis of salmonella enterica from beef sampled in the slaughterhouse and retailers in dakar (senegal) using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and antibiotic susceptibility testing.seventy-eight isolates of salmonella spp. isolated from beef sampled from the official city slaughterhouse and from retailers in dakar, senegal were analyzed using serotyping, antimicrobial testing and macrorestriction profiling by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge). these analyses were done to identify clonal relationships and potential transmission routes in beef channel. xbai macrorestriction allowed defining 17 genotypes among the six main analyzed serotypes: salmonella bredeney (3 geno ...200818325615
prevalence and antibiotic-resistance of salmonella isolated from beef sampled from the slaughterhouse and from retailers in dakar (senegal).a study was made of salmonella contamination in beef sampled from a slaughterhouse and from retailers in dakar, senegal. the serotypes as well as antibiotic-resistance patterns of the salmonella isolates were determined. a total of 435 meat samples (236 from the slaughterhouse, 199 from retailers) were tested. among them, 275 (63%) were positive for salmonella, 43% (101/236) from the slaughterhouse and 87% (174/199) from the retailers. furthermore, 97% of the investigated retailers had at least ...200616774796
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