application of the world health organization programmatic assessment tool for risk of measles virus transmission-lessons learned from a measles outbreak in senegal.the world health organization (who) african region set a goal for regional measles elimination by 2020; however, regional measles incidence was 125/1,000,000 in 2012. to support elimination efforts, the who and u.s. centers for disease control and prevention developed a tool to assess performance of measles control activities and identify high-risk areas at the subnational level. the tool uses routinely collected data to generate district-level risk scores across four categories: population immu ...201626094651
epidemiology and genetic characterization of measles strains in senegal, senegal, with the variable routine vaccination coverage, the risk for illness and death from measles still exists as evidenced by the measles epidemic episode in 2009. since 2002 a laboratory-based surveillance system of measles was established by the ministry of health and the institut pasteur de dakar. the present study analysed the data collected over the 10 years inclusive between 2004-2013 in order to define a measles epidemiological profile in senegal, and we carried out a phylogenetic ...201526000828
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